Copyright © Glenn Linderman 2006 — First public release Nov 14, 2006

Digital Recorder and Camera software

DRC Installation guide

Download DRC here (this link only works if you are looking at this file on the web, not from the local documentation).

DRC is an aid to transferring pictures from your digital voice recorder, camera, a flash memory card from such a device via a card reader, or from a Digital Wallet® or MindStor® device. (Digital Wallet and MindStor are registered trademarks of Minds@Work.) During the download, files are renamed to their internal or external timestamp, or the current date and a sequence number, for devices without internal clocks. DRC also has options for batch resizing pictures and batch converting picture formats, and it integrates these commands into Windows Explorer context menus.

Installation instructions

Download DRC and save it as a file rather than running it. It is most convenient to create a directory (folder) in the usual Windows "Program Files" directory, called something like "Glenn" or "DRC", and download DRC into that directory. If you download it elsewhere, you should move or copy it to such a directory before running it.

If you saved the DRC to a directory under Program Files then you can simply launch it from there, using the usual browser option to run the program that was just downloaded. Otherwise, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where you saved it, and run it from there.

DRC will install itself the first time you run it. After that, you can use the shortcuts it makes (in the Start Menu, and on the Desktop), or you can choose one of the options it adds to the Windows Explorer context menus. Generally, you never again launch DRC in the manner above.

Troubleshooting installation problems

If a new version of DRC fails to run successfully, that can generally be cured by cleaning out your TEMP directory. In particular, a directory under temp starting with "par-" and then your login name, containing another directory named "cache-drc_by_Glenn". This "cache-drc_by_Glenn" directory can sometimes get into a state where there are leftovers from the old version that cause the new version not to run properly.

Another way to do this same thing is to completely uninstall DRC and then re-install it.