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Archive file naming
XP file sorting rant

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How Shared SSL works
How to make a scrolling table with fixed headers in HTML, CSS, and javascript.
How to join a Google group with a non-gmail email address
Manufacturing CDs
How to set up SSH access at
Spam, Virus, Hoax Defense Information
Clean up your email
Other computer help
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP internal speaker controls   also known as   Beep Bleep
XP search deficiency
XP file sorting rant
XP SP2 registry command regression
Sans Serif Fonts (Arial, Helvetica, etc) considered harmful


Favored phone services
Listening to telephone broadcasts
Cheap Public Address (PA) system
Efficient night lights
Potato chips or electronic chips?
Nevada Health Link Guide
Taxation: Why tax cuts appear to benefit the wealthy
Audio Frequencies
Brain stretchers
Brain food recipe
Elaine's other recipes
Kill yourself with fructose — or preferably not
Personal hydration
Solution to all the world's problems
Pie Chart