Windows XP Search Deficiency

In the name of "optimization", Microsoft has ruined XP's search facility. The subfeature that searches for files "containing text" that the user specifies only searches files that contain only text. What this means is that while the subfeature is still useful for finding text in text and document files, it is useless for finding text that might be embedded in binary files. And granted, by ignoring all the non-text files during text searches, the search ends faster, which is good if that is what you want it to do, but if you want it to actually find a non-text files containing a little bit of embedded text, you will be extremely disappointed when it finds nothing.

In the Microsoft Knowledge Base, there are a variety of "fixes" for problems that sound similar to this, but all depend on there existing a filter program that can actually extract the text from the binary file. "Tricking" it by using an existing filter doesn't really work for binary files, although it can work for text files with non-.txt extensions, and the like.

So the only "real" solution to be found, is a separate program that does what the Windows search feature used to do in older versions of Windows. The program "Agent Ransack" fills the bill nicely, as well as having much more powerful capability than the Windows search feature ever did.