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Free tax preparation software

It seems to be good enough for most individuals. State tax prep is not free, and the bundle is nice if you decide to buy. But state taxes are usually easier than federal taxes, once the federal taxes are done by program. Or if you live in a state without a state income tax, like I do, then federal is for sure all you need!
Tax Act home page

You must go through the process to "buy" the free version of the software (no charge, of course). Along the way you get offered the paid version of the software. The price is reasonable, if you choose to go that route.
Loan calculator

This perl loan calculator can generate an amortization schedule based on command line parameters, or it can use a customized scenario stored in a .csv file (suitable for tracking home equity loans, or similar "revolving" charges). Use it for mortgages, auto loans,

Not quite strong enough to track a credit card account that uses multiple different rates, and which does average daily balance interest calculations. But if you pay interest on your credit cards, you have more problems than this calculator can solve!
(requires Perl to be installed)

(includes enough of Perl to run this program, so doesn't require the installation, but is a bigger download)