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Welcome to my web site. It's fancier now than it used to be, but fancy isn't the goal.. the goal was to help make it easier to find your way around the site. Mostly, the web site tries to contain some helpful information and programs, and links to more helpful information and programs.

While developing these enhanced site navigation features, bugs (or features) in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) made the job harder... it took about 30 minutes to code up a sample technique that worked in Mozilla and Opera, and that same technique failed miserably in IE. Figuring out how to make things work in IE took about 4 days. And it wasn't because I scrounged around in the internals of Mozilla or Opera or IE before... I was just reading and using the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standards.

So I highly recommend that people use a Mozilla browser. Or even Opera. Or anything but IE. Even without considering all the security problems that have been discovered in IE.

If you turn off JavaScript in your browser, you will see this message even if you are not using IE. If you are using IE, and have JavaScript turned off, the links at the right will not work, and this site will be extremely hard to use. (JavaScript is enabled by default.)

If you don't have a navigation bar displayed at the right, it is possibly because you have an ancient browser. This site is designed for modern browsers that understand HTML 4.01 and at least some CSS. I'd highly recommend obtaining one of the free Mozilla browsers. Try Mozilla SeaMonkey or Firefox. The pages at those links may not be fully readable either, but old Netscape Communicator 4.8 can at least display the download links, so you should be able to download a modern browser for any of Windows, Linux, or Macintosh.

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