Glenn's order maker Software

What is Order Maker?

Order Maker is an order processing system. It is targeted at use via email or other communication channel, and can populate the clipboard with an invoice. The boilerplate invoice text, the products, the component costs, the bill of materials, and the forms, are all somewhat configurable.

Order maker contains a help system that describes the options and the commands. It operates as a command line program; presently the only GUI feature is for picking a saved invoice for later adjustment or fulfillment.

Order maker specializes in creation of CDs and books, but can be used for other products as well. It has the ability to print CDs labels and launch ImgBurn to burn CD images. It can also launch Windows Explorer to the configured location for books (or other products), for print-on-demand (or other fulfillment operations.

Order maker uses label printer for creating address labels.

Order maker uses CD label printer for creating CD labels.

Order maker, label printer, and CD label printer are bundled together as a single download (at end of page), and can be directly executed.

What is label printer?

Label printer is a label and envelope printing program. It was developed as an assistant to order maker but is capable in its own right. Its claim to fame is that it adjusts the label data font size to fill the label area as completely as possible. The label forms are configurable, a number are preconfigured. Input data can come from the command line or (ASCII or UTF-8) TSV files. Users can choose which of many labels on a form to begin printing, so that partially used forms can be reused until all the labels are consumed. Envelope support includes a configurable return address.

What is CD label printer?

CD label printer is a CD label printing program. It was developed as an assistant to order maker but is capable in its own right. Its claim to fame is that it can use the same image files and software for any label form. The label forms are configurable, a number are preconfigured.

License and Warranty

This software is provided freely, for any use. The descriptions here may be helpful to your use of it, but your use of it implies that you accept responsibility for using it in ways that are useful to you, and that I have no responsibility for the software once it leaves my web site.

Technology and installation

This software is written as a Python 3.x script archive (developed with Python 3.1.1). To use it successfully, there are other software packages that must be available. These are listed below. By default, the software will find these packages if they are installed in their default locations, but you can configure the software to find them in other locations. There is extensive help available by using " -h" from the CMD prompt, once at least Python is installed.

Package required
(and link to site from which it can be downloaded)
Version(s) tested
(Generally newer versions should also work, and maybe some older ones too.)
Required for
WindowsXP or 7 (must be purchased)
(Likely should just work on Windows 2000 and Vista, but not tested.)
order maker
label printer
CD label printer
Python3.1.1order maker
label printer
CD label printer
ImageMagickThe Q8-windows-dll.exe variety is adequate. Q16 should work, but be slower.
Version numbers tested include: 6.4.2, 6.5.5
label printer
CD label printer
Microsoft's Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package, vcredist_x86SP1. There is no need to install the compiler, but that compiler was used to build ImageMagick, so ImageMagick (versions 6.5 and above) requires this. You may already have it for or with something else.ImageMagick 6.5 or higher
IrfanView4.25 Probably any version will work, compatibility is high on Irfan's list. This is the best free Windows image viewer software. The plugins are not needed for this use, as far as I know, but I usually install them for other uses.label printer
CD label printer
ImgBurn2.5.0.0. I've abandoned Nero now that I've found ImgBurn.
There are lots of ads for other CD/DVD burning software on the ImgBurn site, which can be confusing.
order maker
PyWin32Build 214 for the version of Python you selected. Newer builds may be required for newer versions of Python, but 214 works with Python 3.1.1 today.
This is an optional piece, but has two uses:
  • to allow use of a File Open dialog to load order files. Otherwise you type in file names by hand.
  • to generate invoices from this software into the clipboard, from whence they can be pasted into an HTML format email.
order maker
order.pyThis is the latest version of this software, 20100211.order maker
label printer
CD label printer
order-sample-config.zipSample configuration files for