Hymn Finder

Hymn Finder for Windows and Windows Mobile    (Other hymn concordance programs.)

Hymn Finder 2010a
Windows XP, Vista, and 7
Hymn Finder 2009c
for Windows Mobile

Download the Windows (XP, Vista, 7) HymnFinder

This program is independent of previous versions, but you can uninstall them using their uninstallers when you choose, either before or after installing this version.

There is no "installer" for HymnFinder. The usual process of installation is as follows:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, create a new file folder a.k.a. directory(somewhere, anywhere, just be sure to keep track of where it is so you can find it again)
    • N.B. Actually, you can use any existing folder, but it is practical to use a separate folder so that you know "all this stuff belongs to Hymn Finder".
  2. Use the Download button above to download the program itself into the new folder created in step 1.
  3. download the book files for the languages of interest from the "Hymn Finder" column in the big chart at here, and save them in the new folder created in step 1.

The above is the minimal installation: just navigate to the folder containing Hymn Finder, and start it by clicking on the Hymn Finder program icon.

Optional: If you wish, you can do any or all of the following, to create icons or tiles to click to start Hymn Finder in additional ways, starting from the folder where Hymn Finder is:

  • (Windows 8 only) Right click the program icon and pin it to your task bar.
  • (Windows 8 only) Right click the program icon and pin it the start window.
  • Right-click-n-drag it to the desktop, and choose "Create Shortcut here" when you release the drag, and it will create an icon on the desktop to start Hymn Finder. You can left-click-n-drag that to anywhere on the desktop that you want it to be, and maybe Windows will leave it there or maybe it will move it around, depending on other things you do, and settings you make. In general, though, it will leave it where you put it, or at least leave it somewhere on the desktop.
  • Having created an icon on the desktop, you can copy or move it to any other place or places that you find convenient. Versions of Windows prior to Windows 8 have a Start menu, and that may be a convenient place to put it. To install it there, right click the shortcut and drag it to the Start button, which will open, and then to Programs (All Programs on some versions) and then to where you want it within. Choose move or copy from the popup as desired.

This version is independent of the Windows Registry, and the USB drive's drive letter, so it is portable (as long as the target machine environment has the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 installed).

If, after you install this version, it produces an error (may happen on versions of Windows older than Windows XP), you need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0. You can download it here until Microsoft changes the link again.

Download the Windows Mobile version of HymnFinder. Both HPMobile6.exe (for WM 6) and HPMobile5.exe (for WM 5) are included.

Microsoft Mobile Framework 2.0 is a required dependency. Get it here, if you don't already have it.

Older versions of HymnFinder can be found here. HymnFinder 2004b will run on older versions of Windows.

Author's web site

The author's web site can be found here.