Hymn Finder - older versions

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Hymn Finder 2009c
Windows XP, Vista, and 7

Download the Windows (XP, Vista, 7) HymnFinder

This program installs independently of previous versions, but you can uninstall them using their uninstallers when you choose, either before or after installing this version.

This version can be installed to a USB drive, or its installation directory can be copied to a USB drive, and is independent of the Windows Registry, and the USB drive's drive letter, so it is portable (as long as the target machine environment has the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 installed).

If, after you install this version, it produces an error (may happen on versions of Windows older than Windows XP), you need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0. You can download it here until Microsoft changes the link again.

This version has a bug that is fixed in 2009c, according to the author, but indexes the same set of books.

Download Hymn Finder 2009b.

Older versions of Hymn Finder index fewer books.

For these earlier versions of Hymn Finder, it is best to completely uninstall one version before installing a different (older or newer) version.

Download the version of interest, then install it. If, when you install it, you get questions about files on your system being newer than files in the install package, it is appropriate to choose to keep the existing files. If you get these at all, you will probably get several.

If, when you run it, you get an error about MSFLXGRD.OCX not properly set up, a file is missing, then download this and unzip it into your Windows System directory (often called C:\Windows\System, or C:\Windows\System32, or C:\WinNT\System32, or something like that). I'm suspecting this will not happen if you were previously running version 3.03 (at least).